Run AmpliCLEAN

Run name:
Email (optional):
Sequence file: FASTA/FASTQ (compressed or uncompressed) without spaces, parenthesis or other special symbols in the name
If reads have been already de-multiplexed into separate files (one file per sample), you can pack them into a single .zip or .tar.gz format file and use it as input. In such case you should leave empty the amplicon data section.
Max. 500 MB Download example
Amplicon data: It is very important to specify all the primer and tag sequences in 5'->3' sense.
Shortening primer sequences to 7-9 nts can increase the number of retrieved sequences (eg. GAGTGTCAT instead of GAGTGTCATTTCTCCAACGGGA).

or file: Max. 100 KB See example

Minimum Phred quality score: Reads/sequences with lower average Phred quality score will be removed. Only Sanger/Phred+33 encoding format is supported.
Minimum sequence length: Reads/sequences with lower lengths will be removed.
Maximum sequence length: Reads/sequences with higher lengths will be removed.
Trim sequence length: Reads/sequences will be trimmed to the desired length.
Maximum number of reads per amplicon: Maximum number of amplicon sequences/reads to be processed.


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